Manson Supreme SS & Galv. An

The Manson Supreme provides instant setting in varied seabeds. The high tensile steel shank is made from 800 mpa steel. In addition, choose from either fixed or the rock slot attachment for anchoring in rocky or coral bottoms. If the anchor becomes fouled the shackle can slide forward and lift the anchor removing the need for a trip line. The Supreme also features a roll bar ensuring the anchor always rolls itself to adopt the correct setting position. Lateral flaps enable the anchor to set perfectly the first time. Spear Head design assists the anchor in piercing the toughest floors the sea has to offer. Available in galvanized or stainless steel. Catergorized by Lloyds of London as a Super High Holding Power Anchor. This holding has been officially approved by Lloyd's Register EMEA to be the highest of any recognised and certified anchor in the World. This is the very first anchor internationally to receive Super High Holding Power approval for pleasure boat anchors.
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